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Thread: About players experience

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    can please someone tell me if the number of matches that one player plays, counts something? since Nordeus give us this statistic for the total of matches of a Player in every league,i wonder this season i have a player with more than 150 games but getting weaker i will keep him next season and see is performance Thank you ALL so much for your Help;.))

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    nope, im going to say 1 of my idioms here
    the stat is a lie
    no need to pay any attention to any stat. believe in luck, believe in neverland. players and teams go to their usual streaks and slumps
    i suggest to not change around your team too much. just keep faith and push through the bad times. youll make it out sooner or later
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    The number matches played doesnt really matter,but I use it against my strikers.If my strikers played 5 matches and scored 1 then i replace them,since my strikers should be scoring about 2 or 3 goals a match.

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