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Thread: fast trainers

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    fast trainers

    I'm trying to figure out who is a very fast trainer or not. I don't want those that are just above average lets say those that cost 9mil if average cost 7mil.
    But I don't have a clue what the best fast trainers should be costing. I haven't seen any players that cost "a lot" yet on the transfer list.

    So anyone know what the expected market value on fast trainers for manager level 6.

    Age 18, 5*
    Age 18, 4*

    Age 19, 5*
    Age 19, 4*

    Is it true that Nordeus sometimes release fast trainers on server reset?

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    I had a 55m 19yo ..avg value of a decent high 5 star being 30-40m .. and he was one of the crappiest trainers I ever had. It took two full runs of all three training levels at Hard training to gain 1 point ... that's the most extreme counter example I've seen to the "high value players are fast trainers" mantra. I have no idea how to consistently find fast trainers.
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    we need a list of prices per level....-.-''