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Thread: New season New MIRACLE from NORDS..

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    New season New MIRACLE from NORDS..

    Well as every season u put something new to troll the game this season u f*** up the schedule..

    3 accounts ..
    first is ok first week 5 games btw 01.15-03.00 the 3 of them vs european players !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what king of drugs they take in Nord ?????..then 12.04-15.17- leagues and most of them vs europeans..MIRACLE the Nords have put all the magic they could.first week 7 games 2 in Cl and 5 in league btw 01.30-06.15 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all vs europeans .....LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL,second week most of them at noon 12.00-15.00 and the thirs all the games btw 22.00-23.30.

    SO MY BELOVED NORDS ,since u programmed new ideas of how we have to be alert ALL day to play this game ,u can also give us some of ur beautiful pills u take .....As a present everyday..with the boosters also 1 pill..or a beer,or a condom !! so we can stay alert and have some fun with our girfriends since we have a game at 03.00 and we have to set the perfect formation!!!!!!,so our 5* defence cant stop the 4* St's and our 5* Sts cant beat the 4* defence.....

    How come u took ur univercity degrees(if u have any,which i doudt) in programming ??????? u had relationship with the proffessor?? u had paid for it ?? u cheated in the exams??? how the hell u took it and u cant manage a set up in leagues in normal hours????????????????????? HOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ????????????????

    PS .for trollers- mods and rest of Nords spokesmens..

    Before trying to explain how another miracle comes up in the engine by telling the typical..(perhaps u changed server,perhaps u train them so much,perhaps u didnt set up the right formation,perhaps u dont have an undeveloped peach,perhaps u give us some screenshots to see what happened,perhaps u didnt gave the right orders,perhaps that defender last night didnt slept enough etc,etc etc and all the typical answers u give (since u believe u speak to kids that now started to play any machine game) can 1 just 1 from all ur lovely programmers how diffucult is to put a code and match up the time btw same region players-customers and put them in a reasonable time ?????
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    the day when countries play a role in deciding match times, is the day the world dies. no other way to put it
    AFAIK this game has been around for at least 2 YO, and of course someone mustve ranted about this from the very beginning. here we are 2 years later, no change as far as i can tell :/
    ive been used to it for 6 months running, and i already gave up ranting about it -.-

    easterners have the worse end of the bargain (wouldve went with shortest stick, too tempting XD)
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