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Thread: Newbie Questions about tranfers market

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    Newbie Questions about tranfers market

    Hello to everyone.after reading a lot the guides that some of you people published, i have some questions arised.

    A) i have been confused to how the market works. Is it a different market for every 10 levels? One guy suggested to sell the player at 39lvl because it will be top level player, instead of 40 level because it will be low rank at e new market.
    So my question is, for me that i am lvl 2 manager, what lvl of players do i see when i am trying to buy? I have two lvl 30 players that i bought them at 29 lvl. If i will try to sell them now, are they going to be on a market that only lvl 3managers can see? Will lvl 2 managers be able to buy him?

    Can someone plz explain how the market is organized? What lvl managers have access to what lvl markets? (If there is such a thing because i may have misunderstand everything!!)

    Thank you in advance!

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    wouldn't you like to know :P
    Your "basic" level player i.e. joe average is 3 stars . but it all comes down to what level league you are in.

    you could be in a level league ... say level 6 ( random ) where the average
    3 star player is level 40-44 ...
    a 4 star player 45-49
    and 5 star 50-54.

    Now .... the maximum you can see in transfer market is 2 stars above average ( 5 stars ) , which normally means 2 leagues above where you are. But the 5 star player you see will only be a 3 star player to a player 2 leagues above you as that's his "average"
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    I want to ask you - what is the impact of special skills in the game? What is the coefficient.