Hello all,

I've been playing for several seasons and have enjoyed some success along the way, but still have some questions that I didn't necessarily see an answer for in other threads/sub-forums. If they were, please let me know!:

1 - Form: I've had players perform in ways that seem to come out of the blue. Player A was a 5* 20 yo DM/CB CS that I used in each role, playing full 90's. He started last season with 7-9 ratings, and then at mid-season began regularly getting 4-6 ratings. He's rebounded a bit this year, but is still only at 6.2 right now.

Player B is a 4* 19 yo plain CM academy product who cost 24 tokens last season that has never rated higher than a 5, and has had multiple 3's, even when he's scored. I train him hard, but never play guys in games with less than a 96 conditioning, even as subs. He was a 4.7 and is a 4 so far this season, no matter how I use him. I'm ready to give up and sell, as he'll bring in some $$.

2 - Transferring in Fast Earners: I've seen a couple of suggestions about when to buy players and what to look for in terms of value, but is there any way to be able to tell if that 5* guy is a truly talented player, or a 2* throwaway player from three levels above? I'm on level 10, should I be looking for players who command a certain dollar amount? I bought a 19 yo 5* RW last season and he's earning quickly. The 19 yo 5* ST I bought last season is not.

3 - Friendly Attendance: I've played a couple, both in front of empty stands. They were both played within in an hour or so of scheduling. Should I schedule them in advance to expect anybody to show up, and if so, how far?

4 - Tanking: I finished 6th in my league last season, the worst I've ever done. I'm in one this season in which at least half the teams have overall ratings ass good or better than mine, and a couple of those that don't are inactive teams with strong starting XI and weak benches, so they're better than they appear. If you get off to a bad start and are already facing multiple-game separations (in points) from 4th or 7th place, at what point do you decide that it's better to stay at this level and skill up, and give up any shot at prize money?

That's all I can think of for now...thanks in advance for your input!