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Thread: The transfer market bugs, please solve it

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    The transfer market bugs, please solve it

    I am a Chinese players. There was a problem in my game. Don't know how to contact you, only in this way to contact with you. My game ID100006968833668 transfer market most has been 30 people, is not a free agent. This kind of situation has been for 10 days or so. Before the transfer market is about 120 people. Don't know is what reason. Please solve it. thank you

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    Have you tried all different times of day? The market is dependant upon the managers on your level and above selling players, so if there is few selling, there is few on the market. The game generates players, too, but you have to just keep checking the market to fins them.

    You could also consider Negotiations, Mr. Scout, and your own Academy.
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