Well, yesterday, I talked about how to know if a player trains fast looking his wage, and value.

Today I wanna study if there is a "code" that the game uses to put the salaries depending of how works the player, per position.
if you can put the pic with your team page, with the wages, please, in order of players age, and you tell me who is your better DC-MC-ST we will have the oportunity to study if there is a visible code to know every personal player style.

Hi, that's a simple experiment about the salary:)-sueldos-t14.jpg

I' searching for a type of code of the sum, of the value, or, the 2 last numers of his wage as a code of specific mode to play.
No more
After that, the key will be, upload the picture in the next season, when you do new contracts, to see if there exists this code.
If not, that's simple because the hidden skills decide.