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Thread: Play with Friends...WTF

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    Play with Friends...WTF

    I joined in november and was under the impression I would be challenging my friends on facebook on top eleven however this looks not case...I doubt we would meet in cups or leagues as I am unable to see there matches hence I cant support when they or I are playing. ..I would of thought when you sign up it would put you in that world and just need to climb those divisions/ levels?

    I have one friend who I can support when he plays however he is a higher a level would I ever be able to be placed in the same league? if we were the same levels???

    can you move servers. ..??? are top eleven going to change this so you csn actually compete against friends?

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    nope. a near sure shot way to be on the same servers would be for the main inviter (someone already playing) to invite your newly created accounts
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