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Thread: Value of Tickets

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    Unhappy Value of Tickets

    Does anybody know if there is a table here on the forum with some values ​​for entry level?

    I know there is a difference in values ​​between each competition.
    At each level we always have to go on increasing and verifying that our stadium is full.

    Is there any calculation for this?

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    No matter what price you set your tickets there is no point in building a stadium too big as each level has a maximum attendance. As for the prices themselves, a good guide is to start at $3 - League $4 - both cups and $1 for friendlies. Increase by $1 every season with exception to friendlies which i would leave at $1. As not an awful lot of money is made through early ticket sales it is much more important in my view to fill your stadium to its maximum potential in order to earn full possession bonuses.