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Thread: Statistics when buying player?

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    Statistics when buying player?

    If player form is 5-6-7 in other club, does it mean that he will be playing also badly and not scoring?

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    Not really i got a player from a friend and was getting 4 an 5s for him but for me 7 and 8s bet he`s gutted now

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    I think it depends on the formation you use and the kind of support the player is getting around him.

    For example, if a player has got maxed out attacking stats but poor physical stats and playing as your lone striker, he could fare poorer in a team without a supporting striker or a supporting AMC or supporting wingers in the form of an AML or an AMR. Also, if a previous team had been using this player as just a striker and nothing else, whereas a subsequent, current team has got the player taking freekicks and corner kicks, that would also glisten the ratings.

    Hope this helps.
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    In most cases, the player will perfom badly in your team also.
    When i buy, i try to buy players who have some rating available.
    If i buy a player that has non, i look at his stats, in the stats menu, after i buy him.
    If he has 5s and 6s, i try him out for a game, if he gets 5-6 ain that game i sell him.
    In 5 seasons, i have never seen a player who has bad ratings on a team, and good on the next team.
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    Quote Originally Posted by masyaf View Post
    If player form is 5-6-7 in other club, does it mean that he will be playing also badly and not scoring?
    To some extend the performance of your player depends upon your formation so try changing your formation...
    or if he is 18 or 19 years old then wait for one more season for him to mature...The next season there is a high chance of him performing good...or he can be badly programmed player and will keep to perform bad...