As you know, the scout players, are probably the best option if you want to take a ”fresh” player... but it is also the most expensive option. If you can afford such a player, try to take at least 2 per season. Then, the team will mold perfectly to the style of a champion team . But how to choose the ideal player ? Here are some criteria:

1. Age - in general, the young players are promising and the old players do not give yield, so opt for a player under 25 years

2. Quality - is an important factor in choosing a player, like age; it is recommended to take a young player with the second highest quality or best quality (for example - to level 22 , a player either as 134, either as 133) ;

3. Item - if you have a good player (or two) on a post, it is recommended not to take the player on the same post , it's good to take a player on a job where you are lacking, thus to give more chances to players .

These are the criteria by which you should rely on the player's scout choice. Good luck to all! - > add friend or follow .