Do anyone know if there is any general increase of prices of players for time being?

In TopEleven world, there is just a relative stable pool of players. If the money pool more rapidly increase, the prices of players will increase as a result of competitions in auctions etc. I notice that it is more and more difficult to bid for any player now as everyone has lots of money. But I don't feel price of players of similar quality increase as inflation.

In any season, billions of dollars are generated from nowhere to pay for match incomes & competition awards. This can be regarded as sponsoring but actually it comes from nowhere. Money may also be generated on new team created. A winning team is very profitable business. But most of the revenue will be used on player purchases. Otherwise it should be saved as facility improvement is less expensive. For a losing team, probably it is losing money but I think they just have no effect to the market.

Another source of new money is selling players generated from youth team. But I think it has less effect to the market because these new players also become new stocks of the market. Generation of new players through youth team is also slow. Thus, the player pool is quite stable unless the server also generate a lot of new players as free agents as well.

Even though player price seem quite stable, money become less important comparing with tokens now.

Please share your thoughts if you think market prices of players should be adjusted in line with the money generated.