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Thread: see selling player from friends

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    see selling player from friends

    good morning guys,
    I am playing this game with 4 of my friends, let's say they are A, B and C. Four of us are friend. when we are playing, I can see A's player on auction but not B or C. why that's happen? we are in the same league. thank you......

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    Thats happen for me many time but thats changed when we go to upper level

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    AFAIK the bazaars acting sketchy nowadays, take a look around the forums youll see sporny and a few others reporting their markets are empty
    other than that you can only see players that are 3-5 stars for your level
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    Since he is your friend, and on the the server, if you know he has a player on the market, you should be able to go look at his squad, bring up that player's card, and be able to make a bid, even if he is not visible on your TL.

    Also maybe refreshing the tranny list a few times you might see him.
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    As I remember, the server only allow yout o see a portion of listed players. Their reason is to avoid insider dealing.