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Thread: Nothing is impossible

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    Post Nothing is impossible

    Unless you want a reply from Nordeus

    first this not a vent/rant but i have had 3 Questions here plus bug/tech forum and even got in contact with support and have i had a reply, i`l leave you guys to guess

    1st up bugs an tech forum

    I have had a referral that has been giving me rewards since he started and he is now level 13 but this season he has been watching matches and i`v not been reward, support say he could be on different server ?? i get this but why now no reward plus how did get reward when he gave one of player`s a special ability the other day, still waiting for response in bug and tech forum

    2nd bugs and tech again

    On Facebook at top screen you have a win tokens where offer`s come up e,g Go Daddy but when i click on it below comes up and i`m not the only one ( yes support told )

    We can't find this page.

    This page's URL is invalid — it's missing some important information. Please return to the page you used to get here and try again. If the problem persists, please contact support. <<< have done ( still no reply )

    and 3rd

    started a thread here about new transfer market which is not on all server`s yet ( god help them ) but it suck`s with 30 to 40 mins on market as it`s virtually impossible to sell, now MDKII has replied about this new format on another thread so i started the BRING BACK OLD TRANSFER MARKET which was by far better and ohhh shock no reply

    now i get they are trying improve the game but how about listening to those that actually count (customer`s) and reply to these questions as i find it insulting and disrespectful that we don`t response to these.

    AND my final Question to MDKII ( if he reads this ) in a couple day`s the new season start`s are we getting old transfer market back or are we in the same no-one bids market <<

    one thing for sure i won`t hold my breathe

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    heres 1 question i want them to answer
    whats their stance on the X32 overflow? some of my posts explaining what it is were deleted
    since i aint no explain no nothing this post should be good to go
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