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Thread: Nuevas mejoras

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    Nuevas mejoras

    Considero que se podria hacer top eleven como el futbol normal . Es decir que por ejemplo nuestros jugadores tuvieran el derecho a parte de jugar para sus actuales clubs , jugar con sus respectivas selecciones . Y cada jugador llevado a la seleccion que obtuviera una prima para el equipo . Y creo que tambien seria bueno que se pudieran hacer mas torneos como la uefa o el mundial de clubs o algun torneo top eleven .

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    Hola, por favor, publícalo en Inglés, se puede usar google para traducir, aunque me permitiría traducir de nuevo para ver si tiene sentido. No funcionó bien en lo que acabas de decir:

    new Enhancements

    I think that could be done as the normal top eleven football. This means that for example our players have the right to part of playing for their current clubs, playing with their national teams. And every player that led to obtain a premium selection for the team. And I think it would also be good to be able to do more tournaments like the World Cup or uefa clubs or any tournament I top eleven.
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    So, basically;
    Give the option to our players to play in national teams and recive some amount for these matches.
    Too playe a tournament style UEFA, (now called Europa League) and one like the Fifa Club World Cup.

    ....well, in the only idea that I am not agree is, that if our players play other tournaments not played by our clubs, the can be injuried...
    the idea of a Europa league?...why not? the 5th-6th of league and the 3rd eliminated of CL group can play it...
    Club Worl Cup? maybe, per levels to see the best in CL ...

    But I miss individual awards.... really is what I miss... is so sad that we have to give votes to us in the forum to see who have the best scorer...

    ...(-.-)'' ...T11 ....T12 ....T13 LOL