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Thread: A Tribute to those Players who Retire Today

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    Quote Originally Posted by July Fourth View Post
    I think many managers here tend to offload their players before they announce their retirements and cash in. Hence why there was very little replies.
    Yes.... This is quite true. I too usually sell most but Jokic and Balezdrov were necessary, and I could get virtually nothing out of King...... So I kept them. Heinz was my 1st teamed so I kept him.

    Should Kaka' have been selected for Brazil's WC squad?
    Tell us ur opinion-

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    In my first seasons i had a lot of guys retiring, but now i try to avoid that, since there there MV is a bit higher.
    Never the less i had this 2 players retiring, first from ACADEMICO D FC, with was a great DC and the other from A a Z FC only played 1,5 seasons but done a great job.

    A Tribute to those Players who Retire Today-image.jpg A Tribute to those Players who Retire Today-image.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saransh Vatsa View Post
    U can post here all those players from your team(s) who will retire today and tell why they are special to your team.
    this thread is for people who care too much about this game....

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    With KFC I let no player retire, but I have two 32T teams on another server: Troll FC and Shaolin Kittens.
    Some months ago I let Shaolin rod and forgot to extend the contracts and so the club was full of players that played their final season.
    I brought the team back on track, but it took 2 seasons to save some tokens, but thanks to clever transfers and a bench full of 2* youth academy players Shaolin reached promotion to level 9 last season (lost to rank 4 based on goal difference, but nevertheless that is a good result for an almost dead team). I am proud of the low profile players in that team.
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    I had a striker called Aléman, who shot about 30 goals in 4 seasons :O
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    I sell players that are older than 28. and only buy if there below 24. Why? Lower the age better they train.
    My teams average age is 22.6
    Tenby FC

    Season 7: Level 7- League 3rd, Champions League 3rd
    Season 6: Level 6- League Runners up, Champions Leagure 3rd
    Season 5: Level 5- League Runners up, Cup 3rd Place
    Season 4: Level 4- League, Champions League Winners
    Season 3: Level 3- League, Champions League Winners
    Season 2: Level 2- League Winners (Undefeated Season)
    Season 1: Level 1- League Winners

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    Bought when he was 19 y.old, 15 years spent on our club, Respekt my Legend
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    FCN Iași
    Season 1 - 3 rounds
    Season 2 - 2nd on Level 1
    Season 3 - Level 2 League Winner, Champions League Winner, Cup finalist

    Pepp Crawford - best player of my team.

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