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Thread: How can I improve my team's form?

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    How can I improve my team's form?

    I have switched their locations, added arrows ..... etc and nothing!

    How can I improve my team's form?-untitled329.jpg

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    I have a theory. Set your team to a pretty generic formation like 4-4-2. Don't log in for a few days and see what happens. I think I've seen it here, but surely in candy crush. Being stuck in a lvl, getting so frustrated you're ready to quit, ie don't log in for short time. Few days later, law and behold......

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    I don't like the 3 CD, your leaving gaps out wide, if your going to play 3 at the back then buy a DL and a DR and play DL,DC,DR, keep the DMC for extra cover but put forward arrows on him. Put forward arrows on all you midfield and your two strikers, you now have 3-1-4-2 formation and your team looks more balanced.
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    team form is fun
    usually i slump every first and last week. see the pattern?
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    Dont bother with form, moral or quality ect ect. it makes no difference, the game engine will decide the outcome for you regardless of your input.