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Thread: How do you know which area need to get training points?

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    How do you know which area need to get training points?

    How do you know which area need to get training points? Is there any tips on who should get training points and where.
    Also how do you know when someone is about to level up?

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    i usually try to keep the 2 most important columns even, then the 3rd trailing a bit. like lets say for a defender ill prioritize defense first, then physical and mental, then finally attack. the ratios are pretty close together because most people dont want lopsided players (in case i do sell them)
    there are tools around the net to know when players are going to evolve to the next level. im just using a basic spreadsheet because it works just fine for me (cant remember the name though, sorry cant help you there)

    heres an example of a tool
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    I have always used the auto select button to let the computer randomly upgrade a skill set, the only other option I have used was to train a special ability but I personally thinks its not worth it, unless you are a token buyer it takes to long to do.
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