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Thread: Losing against weaker team :/

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    Losing against weaker team :/

    I had cl match my qual. 42,7 and his 40,1

    but my first 11main player qual. is 44,3 and his 41,9. and i am league 5.

    he was playing with narrow diamond 4-1-2-1-2 and I dc,dc,dc ml,mc,mc,mr , amc, st,st , so its 3-4-1-2

    It was my home match, and i lost 1-3 , he scored first then me, and he did the rest. ball posession was 60% to me and every player played around 7-8 ratings.

    Opponent wasnt watching the match so there was only me and i had 13% posession ( nice got only 60)

    My every player had red arrow except goalkeeper,

    passing - whole pitch, pressing - whole pitch, extra attacking, offside traps, counterattack, tackling -normal, guarding -pitch

    Morality were almost 100 at everyone and rest was between 60-80 at everyone.

    I have guest match left and i need to win because its weaker team, it makes no sense if reason is "weaker teams r able to win better teams",, how this can be possible all the time? I lose always when i am better with 5-1quality.

    But if i play against better team with 1-5qual, i allways lose hard, it makes no sense, why i lose if others win when they are better, seriously always.

    It feels so bad, i have donated about 30euro to this game to get the most best players to my team to help my team to victory, but no, its not fucking helping me in anything, it seems that i can do better with weaker team..

    What was wrong.. I know he had weak flanks and "attacking tactic", but still it weird and shit, what to do ..

    I got :

    2x GK

    1x DL/DC
    1x DR/DC
    2x DMC/DC

    2x ML/(DML)
    4x MC
    2x MR

    1x AMC/AML

    3x ST

    what to do.. cant do the spoken " V-style" ,

    should i buy one dmc more to use same narrow diamond but with better players, so it would be 100% win?
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    Started: 06.10.2012 - Season 18 atm

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