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Thread: Losing against weaker team :/

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    Losing against weaker team :/

    I had cl match my qual. 42,7 and his 40,1

    but my first 11main player qual. is 44,3 and his 41,9. and i am league 5.

    he was playing with narrow diamond 4-1-2-1-2 and I dc,dc,dc ml,mc,mc,mr , amc, st,st , so its 3-4-1-2

    It was my home match, and i lost 1-3 , he scored first then me, and he did the rest. ball posession was 60% to me and every player played around 7-8 ratings.

    Opponent wasnt watching the match so there was only me and i had 13% posession ( nice got only 60)

    My every player had red arrow except goalkeeper,

    passing - whole pitch, pressing - whole pitch, extra attacking, offside traps, counterattack, tackling -normal, guarding -pitch

    Morality were almost 100 at everyone and rest was between 60-80 at everyone.

    I have guest match left and i need to win because its weaker team, it makes no sense if reason is "weaker teams r able to win better teams",, how this can be possible all the time? I lose always when i am better with 5-1quality.

    But if i play against better team with 1-5qual, i allways lose hard, it makes no sense, why i lose if others win when they are better, seriously always.

    It feels so bad, i have donated about 30euro to this game to get the most best players to my team to help my team to victory, but no, its not ****ing helping me in anything, it seems that i can do better with weaker team..

    What was wrong.. I know he had weak flanks and "attacking tactic", but still it weird and ****, what to do ..

    I got :

    2x GK

    1x DL/DC
    1x DR/DC
    2x DMC/DC

    2x ML/(DML)
    4x MC
    2x MR

    1x AMC/AML

    3x ST

    what to do.. cant do the spoken " V-style" ,

    should i buy one dmc more to use same narrow diamond but with better players, so it would be 100% win?
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    Started: 06.10.2012 - Season 18 atm

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