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Thread: Well after 17 seasons

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    Well after 17 seasons

    still the same sit in the game...

    I am wondering how many seasons more we will see the same problems and the IDIOTS are giving jerseys..
    Nords in wonderland..

    The only thing that keeps me in the game is the bots offers for my almost 5* players..That keeps me competitive every season...Why dont u change it so we have NO REASON AT ALL to play the game ??

    ps.I am wondering what f formation they have advantaged this season..the rest have no use logic to discuss as they dont give f of what we say...keep trolling,keep injuring ,keep badsceluling,keep badtransfermarketing ,keep robotleaguing,keep no making any changes as u are in wonderland....
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    If my main team doesn't get the CL in the next couple of seasons, I'll spend time with another game. There's a funny railroad manager out there, I'll definitely move to it as I was a Transport Tycoon fan in my childhood.

    I've been a videogame player since kid in the 90's. I can move on, I don't care.

    I've moved on. I will move on. No game can hold me addicted to it. They underestimate people.