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Thread: Bad form

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    please do so, im gonna test it too

    Season 3 - Level 3

    League Winners (3) - Level 1, 2, 3
    26-0-0 league (1) - Level 2
    Undefeated in league (2) - Level 2, 3
    Longest unbeaten League run 60 (21/28 season1 -- 28/28 season3)

    Champions League Winners (2) - Level 2, 3
    Champions League Runners up (0)

    Cup winners (0)
    Cup 3rd place (1) - Level 2

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    What if I had my keeper since the 1st season, and currently i've reached 3rd season. Apparently his form had been rather bad since the 2nd season. His rating for each game never got above 6. Anyone has any suggestion on how to improve the rating of the keeper? (he barely did any save in all the games). I tried changing the name of the player, nothing has changed so far. Should I resort onto my last option, sell him o

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas N'kono View Post
    I have 6* MC player performing 3,4 and 5 in best scenario. What can i do with him?
    does the rating really matter at all? I have 5* young MC who performs usually 5,6 or 7 at the best. I think his stats are good, he scores sometimes and my team is winning with him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benlee4u View Post
    Players form is a riddle yet to be solved in this game.
    It is not a riddle, Its a JOKE!!!?

    Should Kaka' have been selected for Brazil's WC squad?
    Tell us ur opinion-

    P.S.S The person in my avatar is NOT me! He is the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar.

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    Acutally I don't care about the form anymore
    My AMC scored two goals and an assist in a game and got 5.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PricopGeorgeCătălin View Post
    I doubt if you will rest him he will go back to he's form. Like Adel said maybe red arrow it will make him to play more offensive.
    So, .... Ok!!!
    If you say so.....

    We can confirm that the meaning of Red Arrow is... make the player more attack-minded!
    What does the Blue one means? Deffense-minded?

    Why don't you explain it officially, even there are so many questions about those arrows issues????

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    Should I sell him? If not, what to do with him? He is my strongest player, but his form isn't good. He haven't played any cup matches, only CL and League
    Bad form-bad-form-scout-mc.jpg

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    Afaik the only way to restore the performance of a player is to use green packs and train some. If you let him play 2 matchs a day, spent him at least one green everyday and his form would turn back to normal rather quickly.

    Obviously there is a hidden value that increases the training speed if a player has played a match. Once it reachs the upper limit the performace in match drops horribly. The reverse is also true - a player in reserve for half of a season, but trained regularly, would likely perform exceptionally well for quite a few matchs, even if he is only 2* or something.

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