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Thread: Something is wrong Nordeus

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    Something is wrong Nordeus

    Screenshot by Lightshot
    Screenshot by Lightshot
    Screenshot by Lightshot (i make it equal at 82' and took the win at 90' !!!!!)
    These are my 2 teams. Look closely.
    I cant believe what is happening this season. Something is wrong.
    Something is wrong Nordeus. You need better programmers darling!
    Last season Renia FC took the championship with 9 goals against, Now at 6 first games i have already 20 against!!!!!!!!!!
    Something is wrong here!!!!!

    And something else!!! How it is possible to have ball possession 80-20, and description of event only be described for my opponent like no other team on the field?
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    Oι παικτες μας δεν ειχαν κινητρο. Οι αντιπαλοι ηθελαν περισσοτερο τη νικη. . (Σχολιο βοηθου μετα απο νικη με 4-0) Η μαγεια των προγραμματιστων του T11.

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    its happening to everyone. they change something in the engine
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