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Thread: What happens here?!

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    What happens here?!

    I always have my players in full condition and morale too!

    Everyday minim one player suffer injury in my squad! What the hack?

    Today 4 players got injured inm my team 3-4-5-6 days just like this!

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    This season it has been raining injuries...
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    a lot of injuries this season . i had a couple only last season . but it now happens every game , and of course always best player on the team

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    Ok, my two cents:

    I never use hard attack, defend or tackle. I never let my guys drop below seventy percent condition. I have always upgraded turf as soon as possible.

    I rarely have injuries, except near the end of Seasons where I was in all three comps for most of it.
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    From my limited experience there seems to be a period near the end of the season where injury's are more likely and if not watched can result in several players out, last season i had 2 injury's a day for a short period.

    Follow cat's advice it helps but injury's will happen.
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    It is happening to everyone, I had 4 injured in one match the other day!, the only thing I can suggest is adjust your match settings the low and try and use all your subs iduring live matches!, rotate your squad regulary.
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    Ahh yes, it's that time of the season when malicious tackles are flying from left, right & center.

    I seldom have injury crisis and when my players do get injured they are often players that I can afford to bench.

    I am not saying this is a sure thing but I just to share how I "managed" my team

    1. I don't play "Attacking"
    2. I don't turn on Hard Tackling & Whole Pitch Press together
    3. I start matches with 75% min, 85% is ideal
    4. I keep morale at minimally Very Good
    5. When I watch, I sub my star players when I sure of the win.
    6. I rest some players (occasionally) for CL/Cup matches
    7. Players with arrows have more tendency to get injured so monitor those players
    8. Also, I think...playing defensive gives u less injury.

    But, I only have 7 seasons under my belt, what do I know, eh...
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