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Thread: Albania

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    top eleven im a player of this game from albania and all that i wont to say is the fact that we dont have the same rights with other regiones , i have read this in all offers for tokens, we have not offers , we have not tokens . please topeleveni trust to you that you will make this game with same rights in all world . please help albanian players . in waiting of your answer!

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    It is not a question of rights, it is there are no advertisers providing offers in your area. You are not alone in not having offers. I am sorry that is is not global, but dependant upon local partners.
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    If this is dependent on partners, then sort players in leagues according to what they have access to.

    I want to watch videos but if they don't allow me, I don't have to be in leagues with people that don't know what's a football formation but since they have access to unlimited tokens they can field 11 goalkeepers and still win, because they can harvest tokens.

    On top of that, what do I answer to my friends when they ask me who am I playing tonight and all I can see is ไม้หันอากาศ FC? I can not even select-copy-paste those complex characters to get a translation.

    The Latin Script is simple, widespread and international. No one else in the world is taught Thai. Imagine if in the World Cup every nation brought their traditional script on the shirts. Or if in Borussia Dortmund, Mkhitaryan demanded that his shirt carried Հենրիխ Մխիթարյան on his back.

    This clearly shows what are the priorities of this game.
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