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Thread: When you get a player injured your team lose control of the game

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    When you get a player injured your team lose control of the game

    I hate when i get a injured player even i change it with another one that is even better the game changes and the other team gets a overhand.

    I find that freaking weird why should a damage destroy your teams performance so much.

    I lost a game because of that ...everything under control until my player got damaged and i had to change him.....

    Now i also got 3 of 4 strikers injured. >.<

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    You can watch game and substitute, or get auto subs on. If you dont want your opponent to get the upper hand, you make sure your substitutes are of equal quality.

    You may suffer an injured player, or you may suffer a penalty against your team. It's just part of the game I am afraid.
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    I dont think it was just down to the injury! more like a multiple of things like players condition!, tactics, quality of the team!, it was probabley just a coincesedence!! when I have had injuries like today the momentum shifts till you get you player subbed then it comes back if he is same or better quality.
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