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Thread: How can you tell if a Young player (18-22) has a lot of potential to become a 5 star?

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    How can you tell if a Young player (18-22) has a lot of potential to become a 5 star?

    When a player is at a young age and is a 3 star player, I want to acquire them in my team and develop them to be a 5 star player. How do you know if a 3 star player can turn into a 5 star player in a short amount of time?

    I had signed an 18 year old GK with a 17 rating in the beginning of the season and half way through the season, he's already at 21 rating and he's not even my starting GK. He's only played 2 games so far. How can I tell that he has a lot of potential?

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    Usually, they will be the most expensive of that role/age.
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    High Marketvalue-low wage = fast trainer

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    don't have the guide of power training star by star... I know that with 4 stars player train better that with 5*, 5* is when start decreasing in trainings... and if... I remember... 1 year ago when I had 3* players :'D LOL and I think with 3* train slow than 4 so, to see if "train good" the potential that you are mentioning, you have to know that a good trainer will win +120-150 of progress in training at 30% max when have 4*

    the value and wage, as fugazi said, is important because the wage is increased when you train a player, so in the market fast trainers are for sure players with the Value = (X)more times the wage, too, is something normal that fast trainer have more value than other players.

    As you know 15 cones, = +1 of Quality and 5 Quality points = 1 star, if you go to my team page in the link of my signature I think that I have a academy player, obtained in December of 4*, now have near 7* defense 7* attack 11* phisicall/mental skills.
    Remember that academy players of 4* and Nordgens obtained when the nordeus day start are fast trainers.