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Thread: If 4 friends each send me a gift rest, am I supposed to receive 4 rests?

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    If 4 friends each send me a gift rest, am I supposed to receive 4 rests?

    I get notifications of different friends sending me rests. First, It won't let me redeem the gift right after they send it. There is a gray bow around it. Around this time, I could finally redeem the rests. They have a red bow around it. 4 friends have sent me a rest today and when I redeem it, I only get 1 rest. I've noticed that I only get 1 rest if 4 friends send me one for about 3 days already. Is this supposed to be right?

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    Yeah it is right...

    You can only gain 1 pack of each type in 1 day...

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    yeap, you can only recive 1 green, red blue and 1 skill point per day.
    so, try to add more friends to recive all the gifts, or do different distribution, sending a request for another thing (so, if you recive 4 rests, don't send 4 rests.)

    but the better is to add more people and go for sure.

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    You need to get your 4 friends to each send a different gift as you can only receive 1 of each gift per day
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