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Thread: I changed team today, Awesome!!!

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    Cool I changed team today, Awesome!!!

    It is not as bad as people believe.

    You keep your record history as manager, but other will not see it on your team history.
    This is maybe why they made 1 history for team and 1 for manager
    I changed team today, Awesome!!!-skjermbilde-2014-04-04-kl.-22.48.45.jpg
    I changed team today, Awesome!!!-skjermbilde-2014-04-04-kl.-22.49.05.jpg
    You get to keep your teams football shirts and logo.

    Your coins, med, moral and health kits. You actually only lose your team, stadium and your money.

    I figure out why not i got second in the cup and will end up as 4th or 3rd in the league so nothing to lose there.

    Best thing with this is that if you do it right before season end you sign a new sponsor deal, as for me that last for 2 days and gave me 600k

    Stadium is 1k and the team was pretty good even it was only on 14th place. I did´t want to take a team in top 7, that would be a bit pointless i feel.

    Now i got 6 football shirts to choose between, can it be better?
    I changed team today, Awesome!!!-skjermbilde-2014-04-04-kl.-22.55.38.jpg

    Good luck with next season guys and gals, boys and girls.
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    Good luck aswell
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    If your happy with the outcome thats all the matters, there have been plenty of others that have been left worse off than what they had!, theres a very good phrase that comes to mind here..." pays your money, take your chance!".
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