You will not receive a response to your questions understand it.I am 99% sure that absolutely none of Nordeus dev team read forum and 100% sure if someone has done this work do not care what is written here.I think their idea is that this forum is for something like a chat and if anyone has questions ->support.Cool is that if you ask something support team you will receive a pre-written response and no one will pay attention.They have template answers for everything in which necessarily included a few things :
-everyone can lose in football, this is the game
-it is very hard to change something,need a lot of tests
-We work hard to improve the game
-welcome to contact with players using them will make the game even better
And my favorite one-if you have any problem usualy answer is:
-We have doublechecked and all is ok

PS:You have to know if you want a hard solution to your problem poke you in response that they have 12 million players,then your account blocked in order not to annoy-I say this from personal experience.So I can think everything else for Nordeus besides being good