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Thread: Season 52 (06.04.14/03.05.14)

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    Nordeus Corp completed the 26/26 with a 4-1 win away, goals from Rooney x2, Ronaldo and Schweinsteiger did the job, It has been another very successfull season.
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    goals 230-4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chester FC View Post
    goals 230-4

    Hold on... That's a NEW RECORD!!! For conceded and worst GD anyways!!!
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    I have to do a meme... "Unbeaten in League, obtain a 2nd place"

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    League won draw.
    Champions League won
    Cup 2nd place

    Missed another treble by a single goal for the second season in a row......dddooooohhhh!!!!
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    Great season for us!

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    Won the league and Champs League this season. Team is still going to be very strong, even taking into account its loss of a star per player tomorrow, so I don't intend to improve or add to it.

    I'm still on a bit of a "meh" stage with the game still. I've spent the last season simply just signing in each day, making sure no one is injured/suspended and leaving it at that. I think not much will change with the current season coming up.

    As the football season has come to an end (or is coming to an end in real life) I will have a fair bit more free time in the coming few months, so I hope my enthusiasm to devote a bit more time to the game will return a little bit. I've a little over 4000 Tokens in my account, having farmed for months prior to the start of this season. I don't intend to farm ever again really, while just letting the Tokens slowly decrease over the next year or two.

    I work out that if I sign in each day I will make 35 Tokens a season. If I spend around 80-100 Tokens a season then I should be fine for 5 years+ - at which point I feel the game will either have moved onto another level where I am giving it more attention, or it would have disappeared from either the Internet, my life or both.

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    Well done, and congratulations to all managers!

    I hope this season went well for all of you!

    New season starts today, and along with it, a new discussion!

    Thread Closed!
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