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Thread: 120 they say?

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    120 they say?

    Express your thoughts on this:

    120 they say?-very-pathetic-1.jpg120 they say?-very-pathetic-2.jpg120 they say?-very-pathetic-3.jpg

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    I think that the new players should happen on the first day of the new season, obviously.

    Now we have visual proof why they start off as 19YO players if they are due to arrive on the 1st day of the season...its a ****up by Nordeus in their programming that they assign the new players from the academy before the season ends so they lose a year.

    typical of nordeus these days to not find that error and correct it.

    I just cant understand how they cant fix this. If they did, the ones supposed to arrive on Day 1 would be 18 years old, which is the correct way to do it.

    You got pooched amigo, but you showed undeniable proof of their mistake and this should be sent as a complaint as this should be easily fixed. Will they? doubtful.
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    That always happens mate

    If you get a youth player on day 1 they generate just before the reset so if you sign them they're already 19yrs old. It really pisses me off it seems like such a small thing to fix, they should add it to the list.
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    These are the kind of nonsenses any game team corrects in beta versions. That's why you have game testers.

    There's now way a normal game can pass in any quality test with crass blunders like these.

    It just can't happen. Too amateurish.
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