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    The Vent Thread #3

    Rant: I was bidding on a player last night when the server disconnected me. When I finally got back on I was down three tokens with no sign of what had resulted from the bidding. Lucky I was only in third knockout round and not further into it. I was a little agitated. Rant over.

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    what's people logic when they offer 0 token for a player with SA? Even worst, sometimes people offer 0 token for a player that can play 3 positions and has SA

    ROFL, as if
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    what the hell is going on, odd injury here and there and now 7 in 3 games ??

    edit; nearly wiping my central midfield and striker`s out with only 1 left of each
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    That is what I call "injury period". It happens sometimes, once in season when in few days big number of payer gets injured, don't know why. I have same problem now, 5 injured players atm and few players healed.
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    What a joke

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    I almost had the Undefeated achievement but the game decided to troll and i lost to a 13Q lower team ...

    BTW how do you get this trophy ?
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    Don't tell me it has something to do with the achievement ...

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    The season end server run just began 3 minutes before my players gain further 5% condition!! However, I said I will abandon that team next season.

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    RANT: Stupid cup draw! I'm level 8, got put against a level 10 team. Matchup looks pretty even at first. Hours before the first match, his team rating jumps up 7 qualtiy (from ~53 to 60+). Needless to say, I lost the first match 2-0. Going into the 2nd leg, our quality was (me) 54.4* to 60.6* . . . I won the 2nd leg (away) 2-0 and we went into extra time.

    Then, I lost 3-1 on PKs . . . WTF?!? The other manager didn't even show up to watch either match

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    They should just call this game top injury instead, its ridiculous the amount of injuries you get. If you use heal packs on them, you are guaranteed to get an injury next game or next training session. Seriously, my guy broke his leg stretching when in full health and morale. Pathetic. Its a bit the people who make this game don't look at the rant thread, there are some serious points in here which need addressing.
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    Level 30, playing a cup match next against a same level team, they are minusĀ£325 million!! How is this possible? they still have a full squad of players, if I get to about minusĀ£50 million they start selling of my best players
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