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Thread: Why can't I sell those players?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mokhtar Soliman View Post
    If I am on top of my server I should be able to sell my players on other servers filled with players from levels above me. Shouldn't I?

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    Hmmm, you're only level 12-ish, so it's not very likely that you are at the top of your server, or you would have noticed a slow down in the last season or 2. And you are on the old transfer market as auctions are taking longer than 1 hour.

    In any case people on other servers who are at higher levels are unlikely to be in the market for players who are (to them) 3 or 4 stars and aging so a shift across markets probably wouldn't help you very much. Granted, being able to sell to other servers' level 12s might. However (with my database analyst hat on) the coding to allow selling across servers would NOT be trivial, nor would the memory requirements - it'd be much easier (for example <innocent whistle>) for Nordeus to port all the servers on the new transfer market back to the old one, and they can't seem to manage that.

    The main issue I can see is that 3 of the 4 have only "just" earned their 5th star - quality 78 and 79 ought to be much more in-demand, as it only takes a little training to make them a scout. Frankly, if you've been able to buy better guys than these to strengthen your squad you must have been spending/farming a lot to get loads of tokens - and if you can afford that you can (probably) afford the tokens to buy game $$ to cover simply releasing these guys. 5* players like these ought to be reasonably competitive in league and Champions League competition anyway, so I'd have either sold them last week before they went up a star (so level 11s had a shot to buy), or I'd hold onto them until they're a bit closer to their next star.
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    This is one of the issues that we hope they would fix, right? I totally agree, cos right now if you are at the top of the server it can be a pain to sell five star players. I wish there was a fix for it.. but right now you can only sack them or keep trying to sell them.

    The new option of taking over a team is one way of escaping the top of the server. "Tanking" is another.
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