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Thread: Another Nordeus Gaffe - Rules don't apply to bots

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    Another Nordeus Gaffe - Rules don't apply to bots

    I have a friend that was on my server and in my league until he abandoned his team early this season out of frustration. The team was taken over by a bot.

    His starting eleven were pretty good so it's not surprising that the team is racking up wins. The problem is that none of his players experience fatigue or injuries. His starting eleven are the same for each game, and even when he has games a few hours a part (league and champions league for example) the bot controlled team dominates both games.

    I have already played the home and away in our league and beat him once. Both times his starting lineup was in tact with no injuries or changes. I have started attending the team's games (and supporting the opposition) because I need him to lose! Same eleven players play every game with no changes, injuries or fatigue.

    It looks like I am heading into a Champions league final against this bot team and I am already assuming the game is bound to piss me off!

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    It is not a bot yet. It takes about 3 months of not logging in at all for the team to be a bot, if I am not mistaken.

    I suspect your friend has been logging in secretly and assigning healths packs & medic packs....if not, its probably because the team is very decent!

    Another friend of mine abandoned his team last season but finished 2nd. This season the team is on a slide. So it takes about a season of abandonment for a team to spiral downwards. The fact that his team is quite strong means that the team won't become whipping boys immediately.
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