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Thread: 1st T11 CAT CUP - Participate and win the prize trophy cup

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    1st T11 CAT CUP - Participate and win the prize trophy cup

    Starts 1st T11 CUP CAT, all who wish to register must do so in this post and read the rules that we have, all results, calendar, etc. will be placed in

    The winner recive a real trophy Cup in his home (see picture)

    To subscribe enter your name and your team here or in

    1st T11 CAT CUP - Participate and win the prize trophy cup-t11catcup.jpg


    1 - To qualify you must have an active account with T11 . Must accept as a friend to the people you have to play , otherwise you can not play a friendly game. To enroll you must do is be in before

    2 - 32 teams play a first phase of 8 groups of 4 teams will be accepted . In the group stage matches will be played back and forth . A total of 6 games per team.

    3 - The 2 best teams in the group stage qualify to the next stage eliminatoria.In event of a tie , the team with the best goal average classified , but more goals but for best result among them, but the team with the most level .

    4 - will double knockout match, the end also .

    5 - In order to differentiate a team with another is a table that is attached which measures the difference in value between a computer and another . This table tells you the number of goals the team has to win with more level . If you happen to have the same level of the stage wins . Points are measured on the display of information from a manager that goes next to the stars , where it says average quality.

    6 - If you happen to have the same level of the stage to win by more goals . Here, away goals will be worth double . In case of a tie , a third match that is always played at the field level with less play .

    7 - The draw will be made at the top of the cup , yet the calendar.

    8 - The team plays at home , must apply friendly during the course of the day , at least 1 hour of time while they play . If a team does what it takes , in the group stage lose the game by 0-5. In the knockout stage if not call the friendly playing at home, stay removed directamente.Only may send 1 friendly match against your opponent , and will be the only valid . Playing more than one against the same team on the same day will be disqualifying.

    9 - T11 matches will be played from CAT CUP 1st T11 day , and every day there will be one day or playoff game , only if the 2 teams agree that may fix the match is played within 1 hour.

    10 - The team playing at home should send the page a screenshot of the result of the match before the next eliminatoria.Los times are from 0 hours to the 11:59 p.m. CET

    11 - The winner of the T11 CUP CAT will receive a trophy of a real drink at the address you provide , and should do to receive a photo with the cup to publish .

    12 - These rules may be modified by the T11 CAT management team if necessary , participants agree to these rules.

    13 - All results and information will be posted on and WWW.TOPELEVEN.CAT • Página principal

    14 - T11 CUP CAT may decline any manager who does not meet the minimum conditions of education, spamming or any other inappropriate action that is created for the rest of the community.

    15 - No risk , no fun .... Do you want be 1st champion?

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    This is good.
    Sadly I dont have Facebook to join this wonderful idea.
    Everyone else, come on! JOIN!
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    LOL is Cat the chief guest at the tournament???

    Should Kaka' have been selected for Brazil's WC squad?
    Tell us ur opinion-

    P.S.S The person in my avatar is NOT me! He is the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saransh Vatsa View Post
    LOL is Cat the chief guest at the tournament???
    I think CAT here stands for Category.
    *Retired From Top Eleven*

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    Nope they are Spanish loyalists in Catalonia.

    They are infringing the use of the domain .cat and embezzling it for "castilian".

    The .cat domain is not territorial, but applies to the whole Catalan-speaking community, whether or not a site is based in the Països Catalans. In order to be granted a .cat domain, one needs to belong to the Catalan linguistic and cultural community on the Internet. A person, organization or company is considered to belong if they either:

    - already have content in Catalan published online.
    - have access to a special code (sometimes called ENS), issued during special promotions or by agreements with certain institutions.
    - develop activities (in any language) to promote the Catalan culture and language.
    - are endorsed by 3 people or 1 institution already using a .cat domain name.

    Despite the restrictions, the domain has been exploited for feline-related domain hacks.

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    CAT = Championship Asociation Trainers

    Celtic, the site is in english, spanish and catalonian and dont like mix politic here.

    The domain is from Catalonia, the country that like be freedom and now in september vote for independence of Spain, after 300 year of opression.

    About yout exploted domain hacks???? you like lie to people... is a site for friends, and any hack any thing.. is your only argument to despite people. Typical from spanish that dont accept that CATALONIA arent SPAIN and next 14th september we start to be a new country, with peace, and not being slave of Spain.

    And by the way, the theme of this post is make a champ with friends of all world, but Celtic like change all.

    Best Regards

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    If this is about politics, sadly im not interested, actually im not interested at all