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Thread: Bad luck or Bad referee's?

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    Bad luck or Bad referee's?

    I've been playing Top Eleven for some time now and I've noticed the referee decisions becoming more and more unfair, for example, today I was playing in a match against someone with a lower average quality than me and at the end of the game, I had 20 tackles with 12 free kicks and 5 bookings yet my opponent had 22 tackles 8 free kicks and 0 bookings, so I went through the comments and noticed a player on their side had been warned around 4 times. Now I don't know if this is just bad luck or what but I can't make a team when 6 of my best players are banned from 2 matches!

    Also completely off topic, possession bonus, really isn't noticeable in the game, I played the top 3 players in my league this season back to back and won all 3 with less than 40% possession, yet a few days ago I played bottom of the league who never turned up, I had 80% possession and drew 1-1.

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    Its probably just coincedental, when things have been good and the change for no apparant reason we tend to go looking for things that are not really there!, sure you had more bookings but I bet you have had a few games where you got no bookings and your opponent got a few?, its swings and roundabouts bro!,. Yes there are more bookings and red cards but this has been happening for a few seasons since the new update, also if your playing hard tackling then you will be prone to more bookings, as for possession bonus and the draw well on a simular note, with all the variables between the two teams there are plenty of reasons which can help to alter the game playing out!.

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    Buy some tokens, refereeing will be much better!