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Thread: Level 1: Loosing constantly

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    Angry Level 1: Loosing constantly

    Hey all!
    I'm just asking for some tips, because this is the second week i am staying up late to spectate/manage my matches and this is the second team i picked up, since i thought my huge loosing streak was due to my failing team, but im on a loosing streak on my new team aswell... The new team has atleast 2 quality MORE than my older one. I seem to be loosing both from bots and from players..

    What did i try?
    - I searched the forums for days and i've been reading about tactics and arrows
    - I tried using the forum thread about the counter-tactics. I used on all of my matches those counter- tactics but i almost lost EVERY game...
    - I used up all of my moral boosters because after every loss my players get lower and lower morale..
    - I started adding points to Special Abilities on my highest Market Value players, in hope that one day they might actually do something useful....

    What did I change after i joined the club?
    - My main formation stays the same... I the bot established quite a good 4 3 2 1 formation, where the best of the players fitted perfectly, and before i arrived they were ALL performing something like the following 8-8-7-9 . After i arrived it went down dramaticaly... for instance my goal keeper 8-6-5-4 ...
    - I tried using all suggested formations, with all kinds of arrows and tactics but i still keep on losing.. Im depressed if I dont start winning soon i just dont see a reason to wake up every night at 1 o clock just for a dumb match im going to loose anyway...

    What did I notice during the matches?
    - My team conceded like 5 goals combined in 2 matches in THE FIRST 10 MINUTES!!
    Now I am always starting in a normal/attacking mentality.... But I guess I'll try the defensive one tomorrow.. But after that I have no idea... I am loosing versus players with atleast 2 quality less then mines..

    Please give me some ideas on what to work on... I really have no idea what to do next... It seems every one that plays against me wins with ease, but for me it seems almost impossible to beat them after they score 2 goals or 3 goals in the first half, no matter how hard i change formations and switch arrows etc..
    Thank you in advance!

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    Either your MCs are useless or your DCs are hopeless.

    Play a formation that would support your best player. Remember that a player with high stars does not mean he is good.

    I suggest you start playing 4-4-2 (mixed passing) for starters or 4-2-2-2 Hexagon (short passing), Normal down both wings, Zonal, Offside
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    Are u sure that the normal mentality is working?
    When i start off with the normal mentality i receive goals in the first 5-10 minutes as if i had NO defence at all...
    It is true that my DCs are bad, my GK is also not as good. but my MCs are fantastic! All of them have a market value over 1 mil! I also have a penalty kick specialist and a Playmaker : / My striker, even though he has a good market value, performs very bad..

    The hexagon 4-2-2-2 wont work for a quick fix, and investing all of my money on DMCs is too risky.. I have no DMCs at all for that one.
    I could use the 4-4-2 and i will after tonight.

    What orders should i give for the 4-3-2-1 ? (My best players are the MCs and the AML and AMR guys).

    Thank u in advance!

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    I have a team that was started as a USA team that started with a team full of 2* chumps. I played 2 seasons and in my second season after investing much time and effort I managed to be ranked 8th in the league since most of the other guys in the league had several 7* or better players and no one under 3*. I ended up making a second team that was from the UK and I found everyone is ranked 3* up to 5*!! I can only imagine what a team started in Brazil or Spain might start with. So in short if you started your second team in the USA try another country and you probably won't lose so much.

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    Nah, it is random who you get. I have mostly USA teams, and some started will better players than others. I also started a couple Aussie teams and they were ok too.
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    long post but I will try to answer the lil I know

    1) committing valuable skill points (SP) to special ability (SA), I have 3 words...STOP, NO and DON'T!
    2) never put arrows on goalie ( well, I don't), unless someone superior to me in T11 says otherwise, don't do it. (im just a lvl 3 apprentice but an avid real soccer fan). Also, u are better of with no arrows on your team, if u don't know how it will affect ur team than actually including arrows.
    3) tactics advice: team mentality - normal/attacking (use hard attacking when u losing the game)
    focus passing - depends on your formation (if in doubt use mixed)
    pressing style - own half (just do
    tackling style - normal ( same reason as above "just do it")
    Passing style - mixed (do I have to say why?)
    marking style - zonal
    counter - yes
    offside - NO! (until you have a 5 star defensive line)

    and most of all...its all luck, and just gives us a "feel good" feeling (but u don't need luck to win Bot, come on, lol)..happy hustling
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