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Thread: About CUP! Help me to understand the logic.

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    It took me a year to win the cup on my server, always playing the same teams in semis or quarters etc, until I closed the level gap from 6 levels down to 2 levels for the highest ranked team in the cup, I invested in a few thousand tokens and power trained a lot of my players and we beat higher level teams to win the cup the last 2 seasons. Without the power training I probably would of lost both of my Semi-Finals with being too inferior, but getting closer to the level of the highest ranked club in the cup which is a friend club, means I will have a better chance to win the cup without having to power train too much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vatche View Post
    It's impossible to win the Cup. I've won 9 consecutive leagues out of 10 seasons, been in every CL semi and won it 3 times but never passed the 3rd round of the Cup. The Cup has to be divided into levels as well. The lowest opponent should not face a team more than 3 pr 4 levels above.
    Once I beat a team from a lower level 18-0!!! How realistic is that? Not to say how uninteresting it could be as well.
    I am level 2 ( team average 30)
    This year i had to play against a level 2 first round ( abandoned team ) won 12-0 on aggregate, second round level 5 (average 28) I beat him 2-1, 2-1 third round level 9 ( 55 average) I was crushed 2-7 , 1- 3 absolutely nothing I cannot answer now do.
    I think I gave up on winning the cup for the next 5 seasons. I will just try to reach 3 rd round for the money

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