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Thread: Player Form

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    Player Form

    Is there anyway to improve a players form? My team has been horrible the first two games (I'm already out of the cup) with 6 players having a form of 5. Last season I never had a player below 6.

    Any ideas on what might have caused this, and how I can improve form?

    I always make sure my players are at 90% or higher condition at game time, morale is very good or better, and I don't do any training within 6 hours of a game. I offered max bonus in the last two games. Not sure what else to do.

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    Nothing much you can do in term of forms, maybe bench them a few matches. But then Cup games are not usefull as benchmarks coz you're always up against stronger teams or even solid abandoned teams.

    You are probably unlucky because your team all hit their peak last season, so logically there's a downward cycle. For you it seems to happen for a wider range of players since they all performed last season, as you said. Ride it out and play more friendlies.
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    Yes, changing positions i.e. if he is a striker playing on the right then try him on the left, if he is a central midfielder playing middle then try him middle left or middle right, same thing applys to DCs, another thing to look for is what foot he kicks!, if its left then play him in left positions if possible. Formations play a big role too!, some players play better playing certain formations!, even orders will contribute to it!.
    If none of these work then the chances are you have bought a dud!, if he was not hot prospect or scout then yes you have.
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    Whait to play a few more games.
    Players have slumps in form, they start bad and end good or they start good and end bad, it is very dificult to find a player that keeps playing always good.

    Some players perform better in some competitions.