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Thread: Only use one formation to start every match!.

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    i do this too and use same 11 player`s if fit and only 1 possible 2 player`s if changing formation as sub, so try and us only 13 players every game

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    so then, i have 3 solid strikers, 3 solid mc's, 2 decent ml/aml and mr/amr, then all my defenders play dc/dr dc/dl dc/dl/dr so i can change them to whatever position i need them whenever i need to.... so i can play any formation from the start and have a strong team. What is my best formation? The performance of my team varies so much, ill beat teams better than me and lose to teams worse than me. So frustrating. I had 7 seasons of dominating and now the last two seasons has started falling apart a bit.

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    Nick, you have take into account the higher the level the harder it becomes due to stronger teams, you said you have a first team that's great your already in the right position!, all you need to do now is keep upgrading your players and try different changes in live matches, you not going to win everytime but you will win more than you lose and you should be in a good position.

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    I love to change formation last season and I have suffered a series of trolls results. The season, I keep on using 4-4-2 classic and it looks very nice.
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