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Thread: when to sell players??

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    when to sell players??

    Hi this is my first season of top eleven.
    I think I will win this season league yay

    My starting lineup is strong and only needs 3 oldies replaced and the quality is very good.

    My subs consists mainly (except few useful subs incase of injuries) are all 4stars or almost 4stars.

    I trained those subs to build profit.

    My question is, should I sell the players who reach 4star immediately? or right before season's end or at the beginning of next season (will they lose much of value due to star loss/age gain?)?

    I hear there is lots of buyers at beginning of season but then again im still unsure because of the star loss/age gain factor.

    When should I selll????

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    Always sell at the start of the season...remember that a 4* player will become a 3* for you next season, as you will go up a level. However, when you sell, he will still be 4* to those a level below you, who will have him on their transfer market.
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    I try to change players every new season, I use a full 22 man squad and when the new season starts my best 11 from the season before becomes my 2nd 11 and I gradually build a new first 11, this means I am allways the best or one of the best in my new league and so gives me a good chance of winning it!. The exception I have to that is where My high goal scorers or best performers I try to keep for a season or two more, you should try to build the youngest possible squad you can as they will perform better as there stamina lasts longer and they train faster.
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    At your level try to sell at the end of season. The only players you can keep to sell at the beggining of season Will be those with special ability or triple role, but even those it is dificult to have bid wars on level 1.

    Selling them now you get 90% of there value, maximum price you can ask, at the beggining of next season there value Will be around 70 or 80% and to get the same amount you have to expect a bid war. Not very likely on level 1 or 2

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    I sell as and when required. No right or wrong. At level 1, selling a player whose quality is 18 or 19 is more attractive to buyers than selling a 20. Psychological thing I guess.

    Buying the the tricky bit. Some ppl avoid the early season rush and buy a 5 star player on the verge of the 6th star at the end of the season when there is no competition to buy. When they eventually lose a star when the new season comes, it wont be long for the player to gain skill points to get back to 5 stars.

    Early season there will be loads of traffic in the market so u may end up losing more tokens than you can afford.

    So it depends on your preference and patience.
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