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Thread: Transfer Madness

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skidz View Post
    one of the best time to get players is in the last few days of the season when higher level players are getting rid off there weaker players because there weaker players are higher quality for you.
    But these players will be 4 stars when new season start? And probably won't get 5th through it..

    12 seasons, 35T player
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    May 2014
    Lel i never lose auction :P
    Im level 16 and 0 players active idk what is this .. I cant sell player XD 0 players active guys
    In auction cant find one active man

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    That's just crazy. I am level 6 and I won't go past market value. What these guys are paying versus what I am paying is night and

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    Ah bidding wars. how I miss them. im level 17 and must be near the top of my server. still on the old market and its dead as a dodo. yesterday on day ONE I picked up an 18 year old AMC with shadow striker, 8 points from 6* for ONE token. that side of it is superb but.......... selling players is impossible. last season I tried to sell a 5* 21 year old striker for minimum price all season and no one would buy him. I had to release on a free a 28 year old MC with playmaker 5* on a free.....

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