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Thread: The best price for tickets??

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    The best price for tickets??

    Hello guys who can tell me the best price for tickets?
    My is 6..
    Im level 16 111k stadium :PP
    Thank you all for answers....

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    tickets selling depends on both teams quality, your teams form, his teams form, importance of match. You want max possession bonus but max profit. Its about finding that sweet spot
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    I'm at level 10, ticket priced for league is $14, CL $16, Cup $18 and I get a full stadium WHEN I play well.

    So Im guessing your price at your level should be $20-22ish? When you are having a bad run it shd be lower
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    I think its a case of adjusting to see what works.

    I find shooting the price up after the last game of the season, then again on day 1 or 2 seems to keep the fans.

    I'm at level 17 and charge $55 for LG, CL and Cup and get around 255,000 per game in my 260,000 stadium.

    Friendlys I charge $15 but only get around 130,000 fans.
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