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Thread: Players Ratings.

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    Players Ratings.

    Are players rating real or just numbers?because i have a ML and he have 5-6 ratings but scores the most important goals for my team and also assisting,but on the other side there is a striker that didnt do anything but gets a 8..How?
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    Nordeus refuses to speak about most things in the game, like:

    No one knows how rankings are calculated.
    No one knows what the arrows do at all.
    No one knows for sure if attacking by the flanks or by the centre makes any difference.

    Don't pay attention to any "my tactic is etc... and I put etc...".

    Trial-and-error is pretty worthless here as results of experiences in the long run are completely mixed and contradictory in every aspect.

    The performance of your team solely depends on the overall quality of your team. You can only see "stars", "condition" and "morale" but it seems very obvious that players have hidden traits, like... true quality, training speed, stamina, endurance, psychological strength.

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    Ratings this season have been dumb. I just lost a game 3-0 but I had 3 players get an 8 rating, 1 with a 6, and everyone else with a 7. Looking at those ratings you would think my team didn't choke

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