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Going into the game against MU FC I expected a battle, but what I got was a beat down. My team rated 35.0, MU FC rated 36.1 (Starting 11 my team was better having 6 five star players and 5 four star players, MU FC had 2 five star players, 7 four star players, and 2 three star players). Playing at home. My team using the counter formation of a 3-2-2-2-1 B-fly.

Three goals allowed, all striker-to-striker crosses. What. :S

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The good news here is that Freddy Gareau was not a huge factor in this game. The horrible news is that the player he could have replaced, Alexsander Marlow, was a factor. A huge negative factor. Looks like he was responsible for two the goals allowed.

My tactics started as follows:
Team Mentality: Normal
Focus Passing: Mixed
Pressing Style: Own Half
Tackling Style: Hard
Passing Style: Mixed
Marking Style: Zonal
Force Counterattacks: On
Offside Trap: Off
Red Forward Arrows: DML, DMR
Blue Defense Arrows: MC, MC

Any input is welcome! So frustrated and confused at the moment.
Since u have 3 good defender use offside trap.
You should not put blue arrow on your 2 MC