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Thread: I keep losing all my auctions, and I don't have a lot of tokens

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewh View Post
    I keep seeing that everyone fights over players about to increase a star, but it doesn't make sense to me. I feel like I am being dumb and missing something obvious, but why would this make a difference? Does value take a big jump when a star level is increased?

    My inexperienced expectation is that is increases gradually everytime that skill points are added, so that you always pay the correct value and you don't pay an artificially low cost right before a star increase. Is this wrong?
    Guess people just like the feeling of achieveing something like a new *. But yeah, it's kinda pointless, especially if it's a 4* soon-to-be 5* player. One of my main rules on the market is "any x0 quality Q 5* player is better than x4/9 quality 4* player".
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    In my case the next star thing is mainly about 5* players - you're buying a player that is near Scout level - so I'm buying for quality.

    The age thing for me is then not about current training rate this season, since its about to hit the next star and the rate will slow (and I don't power train). From my limited knowledge its about the speed that he will get the star back the following season after he's lost that 6th star....and the next etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gintaras Račas View Post
    Same here for lvl 1 and 2. Now on lvl 3 everyhting changed. Also been doing the same like you suggest. I already know about 20 players on my server who are not my friends just from the market. Know who's a token buye, know who's an annoying token buyer, sometimes I just see and go like "oh, this guy again"
    Yeah I have one 'that guy' on my server, maybe he's the same person He is a token millionaire and I was so curious who he was that checked his profile on facebook. Well, he is not a bot, just a normal person and quite liekable in fact. This week he supported one of my T11 friend at his match and the sight of his face so close to mine almost caused me a heart attack

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