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Thread: Question on how a new league is form for new season

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    Question on how a new league is form for new season

    Hi all,

    Hooray! another new season starts today

    I had a nightmare last season when i was paired up against at least half of the league were all token buyers , fortunately i managed to scrapp through position seventh and qualify for new level this season.

    I have question on how a new league is formed for the new season, despite reading several threads here, i still dont really understand the logic. Hopefuly u guys can advice me.

    - when a new league is form, it will based on the average squad quality?
    - when will the system lock in our average quality? day 1 or day 3? (i know we will only get informed on opponents in new league on day 3)
    - i ask this because if i start buy players from day 1 then i will increase my whole team average. so i will wait until day 3 after the new league is formed to buy player.

    can u guys share with me your findings? thanks alot!

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    It's based on the team and friends you had in the last day of the former season.

    From our experience, nothing you can do now will change the league you'll get.

    Believe me, everything has been tried, skill points, salaries, sales, firings, etc. You'll get what you had before server started a new season.
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    That's a great info! Thanks..appreciate that!

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    Hi,if you have enough friends of your level,and you're a leader (your avg quality is higher than your friends),you have good possibilities to be the first drawn in a league group,and to collect many friends of your (max 13,of course) in it, as it happens to me in this season.

    If your're not the leader,and one of your friends is the first drawn in a group,you also have to consider his/her other friends who aren't in your friend list,so it becomes a more random situation: you may be inserted in his/her group,or not,there's no way to know before the 3rd day.

    So 13 friends of mine having level 15 are in my group,the other 4-5 are in other groups.

    Next season,if we all are promoted to level 16,we'll see again,
    but there will be also my level 16 friends who may tank this season.
    I'll try to remain the leader of the group,of course.

    You must be in a situation of advance,so your friends will reach you,and not the opposite.
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