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    are morale boosters any good, i always keep mine topped up to highest standard, but when it drops in a game, i can top up but next game just drops again with ratings of 4 or 5. so just seems a waste. ive had players on poor scoring hat tricks, so does it really matter?

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    No one really knows. I'm doing a training experiment at the moment and the spread of figures is so great it's really difficult to get any kind of idea what's going on.
    With moral it could make something like a 5% difference to a players performance. Now, if that were the case, then it'd be almost impossible to collect enough data to back that up. You'd need to run hundreds of games and try and discount all the other variables, it's just not gonna work.
    Best bet is keep it topped up and hope for the best.

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    morale does not affect training, but I have noticed that it will affect game performance against a team similar in quality. And morale will always go down, because the only way to keep it on superb with out spending blue packs is having a player get a huge win bonus and scoring hat-tricks every game

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