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Thread: Farmers of the whole UNITE!

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    Farmers of the whole UNITE!

    Seriously pissed, I farmed 15 tokens today and saw none of it come to my account. Sometimes it take a little while for the tokens to appear after you download their stupid APP and started it. But this is ridiculous, nothing! Will it happens once in a while but not like this..... I WANT MY TOKENS, NORDEUS!

    I'll JOY TAP you where the sun don't shine!
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    I'd like to have that problems, I can farm nothing in my country.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukáš Ledecký View Post
    I'd like to have that problems, I can farm nothing in my country.
    The same with me... :-/
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    I think I have around a 99% success rate with watching videos for tokens, around 90% success rate for downloading apps then down to around 10% for doing surveys.

    Not all the offers work or pay out. Its not right, but with that said, I've put myself in a ridiculously good position by farming so I can't really complain as I do make the most of the offers.

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    I am the worst farmer in the world hun lol all I seem to get is pumpkins and tomatoes , but rest assured as soon as Nordeus are selling tokens for tomatoes I'm ready !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lol good luck in the conference this season hun Go Shaymen / and women lol

    Ps my avatar picture is Rowland !!!!!!!!!!!

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    i sometimes get problem with them paying out but on the page it should have a support section where u can tell them. normally email u bk and you have to screenshot the app on your phone bk to them and they will pay out. ball ache though.