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    So, ah wee update on the illegal formation guy....I just played him in the away league gemme, the first gemme finished 1-1....As I explained above about his formation, plus he has increased to 66.2, I am now 62.5....Anyhoo I thought I would try some managerial skills and try to beat him....he still hasnt lost by the way....10-5-0 record with the illegal formation....

    So as usual he played the above mentioned formation....I played a DC, DC, DR, DMR, MC, MC, MR, AML, ST, ST....tried to clog up his attack on my right and played the AML with red arrow, to keep it legal and exploit the gap on his right, red arrows on both ST's and MR, with blue arrows on my DC's and DR....played normal, left flank, hard, whole pitch, zonal and long ball....I went 3-2 up in the 71'st min and immediately pulled my AML back to ML, took off the red arrows, left them on my ST's, and went defensive....

    I guess sometimes logic and good managing works....not to often tho....!!
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